Monday, May 9, 2016

05/09/16 - Siler City, North Carolina

Wow, what a great week! It began on just an incredible note last Monday night. Elder Allred and I had an appointment fall through so we decided to involve the Lord through prayer and ask where He needed us. Immediately after, a name of a less active came into my head! So we went to visit them. As we knocked on their door, we discovered they weren't home! But I felt strongly that we need to tract that street. As we did so, we found 3 new investigators! In an hour! One of these in particular was very special. His name is Belzain and he expressed his desire to find the truth. He agrees that there should only be one true church. He was excited to read the Book of Mormon and even asked how he can become a Mormon! It was awesome. But it just goes to show you that when we involve the Lord in what we are doing (missionary work or not), He will provide for us! This week we also visited a woman by the name of Clara. She really wants to find the truth and has been studying with many different religions to find it. And she has been reading the Book of Mormon! Excited for her. And she kissed us! Both on the hand and on the cheek! Haha she's like 76 years old.. So for Cinco de Mayo, Elder Allred and I went to a Hispanic store and I bought a huge pack of a candy that I love called Pelon Pelo Rico to celebrate!! Yummy stuff. But I'm sad to report, that a few nights ago we went to eat at a members home and I had my first not so yummy Hispanic meal of the mission! They fed us some kind of fish from Mexico that I've never heard of before and it was hard to get down.. But I am so grateful they were willing to make us food!! We tracted into an interesting man earlier that day. He said he was baptized in our church but didn't seem to be a member any longer.. He served a mission in Honduras, but had some very confused perceptions of the church. We think he might be excommunicated.. It was actually kind of a scary feeling there! We found a less active this week that is a great grandson of John Taylor, the Prophet! We sat down and helped him and his wife clear up some misconceptions their family has had for many years. It was a good visit! But by far my favorite lesson this week was with Maribel. We have been teaching her for a few weeks, but never seem to be on the same page. She is Hispanic but speaks very good English. Well last time we went over, I felt like we needed to start teaching her in Spanish as it is her native tongue. And once we made the transition, we started connecting so well! We finally got to the root of some of her problems and helped her through them. She said she only has one bible, but has been reading the Book of Mormon. She even did some research and watched a video about Joseph Smith! She wants to know if it's true or not. As we were closing the lesson, I felt a prompting to offer her a priesthood blessing for an upcoming surgery on her knee. We offered, and she accepted! It just so happened to be my first blessing in Spanish! It was powerful. Following the blessing, she was in tears. Her eyes were wide open and she explained how she felt a new feeling inside of her. We helped her to recognize it as the Holy Ghost. She said it made her feel  "nervous" and as I stood there wondering why she used that specific word to describe it, I was overcome with the same feeling! I felt a feeling I have never had before from the Holy Ghost. It was exactly as she had described it, it was more of an anxious feel. It was like goosebumps! I have only ever felt the Spirit as peaceful feelings of comfort, but the Lord blessed me to feel it in a different way so that I could connect with our investigator. Very special tender mercy. She broke down and told us she has been wanting to make changes in her life and come closer to Christ and we assured her that that is exactly why we were there. To help her know what changes she needs to make! A powerful night. And of course as everyone knows, yesterday was Mother's Day! And I got to Skype mine!!! Woohoo!! It was the best. I have the most beautiful, kindhearted mother in the world. It was fun to be able to talk to my family and joke with them like old times. It really gave me an added boost of motivation to work harder on this mission and do all the Lord needs me to do. Thank you to my family for our wonderful Skype call last night, and thank you for all you said to strengthen me. I love my family so much! By request of my Dad, I am attaching my Mother's day present to my Mother: a poem I wrote. It was a very special week and I am excited to have another great one! I love you all and hope you are coming closer to Christ more and more each day!

Getting hit on by 76 year old women,
Elder Shearer

"My Search For a Savior"

Jenifer Ann Halliday Shearer,
I wrote you a poem
just like every year.
But this one is special,
you've been on my mind.
And I've so much to tell you
with so little time.
There are countless devotions
to thee I could pay.
Of thy beauty, thy humor,
thy endless good ways.
But something has struck me,
oh Mother divine.
On my search for a savior,
in thee I've found mine.
How you carry and lift,
inspire and teach.
Support me with comfort,
supply me with peace.
Your hands, like the Master,
have calmed many storms.
When you notice a burden,
it soon becomes yours.
A child, you bore me.
And bear with me still.
Your undying love
back at thee, I feel.
Purer than gold
is how you described it.
But i'd say it's rarer:
purer than diamonds.
Happy Mother's Day Mom,
I love you and miss you.
Daily I wish I could
hug you and kiss you.
I thank and adore you
for all that you are,
for all you have given
to get me this far.
How proudly I beam 
as I speak without end,
of my mother and savior,
deliverer and friend.


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