Monday, November 14, 2016

11/14/16 - Raleigh, North Carolina

We are working diligently in the work of the Lord! I have undergone much personal growth this week. Last Monday we went and did some fun tie shopping. I found a few really nice ties for under $10! While we were shopping we got a text from the lady we felt strongly prompted to visit in our nightly planning a few weeks ago. We had baptismal dates with her children as well. Well she texted us and let us know that she was not interested in us ever coming by again. It broke my heart! I thought she had so much potential... Why Satan? Just why? Anyways, later that night I cut a few elders' hair and though I didn't get to go to bed until 12, they are looking good! Tuesday morning we went and got all you can eat pancakes at a breakfast place and I ate 11 pancakes! With a parfait! I was so full for the rest of the day. I also took some time to plan for my zone training instruction and had my testimony strengthened yet again of the power of the Spirit! If we "pause to pray", and have faith in Jesus Christ that we will receive an answer, we will! It is an amazing process. That night we went to visit Willy, one of our investigators, and as we got there his dad pulled up in his car! He was only home for about 10 seconds to run inside and back out, but we caught him and were able to have a great discussion! I cut 2 more elder's hair later that night after planning and again went to sleep late.. But Wednesday we had zone training! It was awesome. I gave an instruction about the best way to tract. I taught that we need to 1) Use the Spirit, 2) Be personable, and 3) Work smart! I talked about the importance of a smile while we work and shared my testimony about it! Everyone loves to tease me now and tells me that when they tract, they just think of the "Shearer smile".. Not sure how if that's a good thing haha.. We went on exchanges after the meeting and we had a great time! I was able to go with Elder Garvin back to the other part of Raleigh I used to teach in and we saw a few of my old investigators! Taught a Venezuelan family to end it off and it was great. We came back to the apartment at the end of the night and I again cut 2 more elders' hair.. Again went to bed late.. But Thursday I got a letter in the mail from my grandpa and it made my entire day!! Thanks Grandpa! :) I was pretty tired that day, Elder Garner was having a hard time due to all of our excessive bike riding and Elder Summers wasn't feeling very good either, but we still went out and taught a bunch! I am working alongside two great missionaries. Unstoppable! And guess what I did that night after planning? Yep, I cut more hair. Aaaand also went to sleep late. But it was alright because the next day was awesome! We had dinner with an investigator in a members home and the zone leaders and the assistants came too. It was super fun! And the lesson afterwards went very well. He accepted baptism! We headed out on bikes after that to an appointment with a less active, but on the way there had a special experience. As we rode our bikes, I got a feeling from the Spirit that something was not right. I felt that we needed to change course. We stopped at a street sign, said a humble prayer, and immediately felt a name come to mind. At first the name didn't make sense. We had just seen this investigator recently, earlier in the week. But with faith, we went anyways! And with urgency too! We arrived at their house and were pleased to find the mother home, someone we had been struggling to get up with. We had an incredible lesson with her and it strengthened my testimony of the need to listen to and follow the Spirit. Always! Sunday was super fun as we got the chance to substitute a primary class! Haha I loved spending time with those kids. I gave a baptismal interview after church and am excited to have the Hermanas baptize this Saturday! We had a very successful night finding many investigators home, and ended the day by teaching Jesus. He told us he has been listening to the Book of Mormon on his phone while at work! He was getting very excited about Lehi's dream and the story of the plates! It was awesome. I know of the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion! It was a very quick week and we have been diligently doing our training for 2 hours for Elder Garner every day. We should finish this week! We are fitting a week's worth of material into each day. It is crazy!! But, all according to President's orders. I am loving this mission and am loving serving the Lord!!

Shearing everyone's heads,
Elder Shearer

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