Monday, January 16, 2017

01/16/17 - Wilmington, North Carolina

Hello everyone! How goes it?! This week was a fast one but also a slow one, funny how that happens sometimes! Haha last Monday we couldn't email because our internet was down so we ended up emailing on Tuesday! We had a funny story happen as we tried desperately to find a man to come with us to a woman we are teaching. We are not allowed to enter into her home unless there is another man with us and up to this point, we had already come by like 3 or 4 times without being able to come in! So obviously tired of having to show up to the appointment with no man, we decided to knock her neighbors and ask if they would accompany us to our appointment! Well they all just looked at us like we were idiots and said no.. But at least we tried! Later that night, Elder Nadauld asked me if I had food in my cheeks! Out of nowhere! No, I did not have food in my cheeks! I guess I am getting pretty fat... Wednesday we had a great time with our zone training meeting! There were some great instructions given and Elder Nadauld and I were able to instruct the zone on the importance of baptism. It was a powerful meeting! We went on exchanges afterwards and I brought Elder Hutchings to my area! We were able to pick up a recent convert and bring him out with us as we gave one of the Sister's investigators a blessing! Great experience. We then went tracting before our dinner appointment and had a great time. I love tracting! Some members took us out to Golden Corral for dinner and while there, we were able to spark up a conversation with a man sitting next to us! We eventually turned the conversation religious and asked if he would accept one of our cards. He kindly declined and then quickly ended our conversation. It was a perfect situation to then be able to teach our members that success comes when we invite! It does not matter if we are accepted or not, as long as we invite, we do our job! After dinner we tried visiting an investigator, but as we knocked her door we noticed two large men walking up behind us in the dark. As they got closer we recognized them to be policemen! One of them said "You might want to hit the next house, guys" and they forced their way into the home! With our jaws completely open, we tried to calmly walk back to the car and drive away. It was crazy! We taught a Hispanic man afterwards and had a strong Restoration lesson! He wouldn't accept a baptismal date though! We are working with him to understand more fully the importance of baptism.. The following day, we exchanged back with those Elders and went on another exchange with the Elders serving in Leland! I brought Elder Nmesirionye down here and we had a great time! We taught the Congolese and he did great teaching simply and with power! I was able to teach him how to Covenant with tracting and we went out to knock some doors! We talked about the importance of smiling on the door and a few other things. This is his second week in the mission and that was actually his first exchange! Which means that I am now his Godfather! Whoo!! On Friday we found a really cool new investigator by helping him move his things from his house down to his car! He already knows about the Nephites and the Lamanites! I guess some missionaries a few years back taught him that they are like the Bloods and the Crypts?.. Haha very interesting teaching method! A member from our YSA branch presidency came out with us to a few of our Spanish lessons that night and we had a great time teaching various people! I love the Spanish language! Saturday, we went to a baptism that the Sisters had and were able to visit an investigator by the name of Wendy. She is really having a hard time right now. Her boyfriend is drinking non stop and she is worried it is damaging her children. She was in tears as we testified to her that God wants our families to be happy. We are trying to help her out as much as we can, it is such a sad situation! A less active Hispanic man came to church on Sunday! I translated the meeting for him and we hope he comes again next week! We taught a man by the name of David later that day and upon asking him what interests him about our message, he told us that it is the fact that we are always smiling! He is very curious and interested in why we are so happy all the time! Haha it was the best moment ever. And we ended our week off by teaching the Congolese again last night. We tried to set baptismal dates with the rest of Elias and Gaston's family, but they aren't quite ready to set one. They are very excited to be baptized though and to be sealed in the Temple in a year! It is truly great to help them remember what the goal here is. It was fantastic week! We were able to teach even more than last week as we got 25 lessons! A new record for me! I absolutely love serving the Lord and wouldn't trade this time for anything. I am sooo blessed to be out here!!!

Looking like a chipmunk,
Elder Shearer

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