Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 - Clinton, North Carolina

Wow! Is it Preparation day already?!? This week was again packed full of many things! Last Wednesday we had a zone training and our entire zone blitzed one of our areas for an hour and tracted! It was amazing!! I love tracting. So much. At the end of the training, we went on exchanges and guess what?! I became a Godfather!! An Elder by the name of Elder Christensen came with me back to Clinton and I had a night full of work ready for him! It was really fun to be in charge of the area and to introduce him to our investigators. I also got to drive for the first time in over two months! Man, that was an amazing feeling. That is, until I drove into a ditch... Hahahaha yeah... It's a long story but pretty much I didn't see that there was a driveway to one of the homes and I tried to drive onto their lawn (apparently everyone here parks on each others lawns.. It's super weird..) without seeing a ditch.. Luckily I cleared the ditch, but the car pulled up quite a bit of grass where I hit the other side.. I was honestly terrified.. I said a quick prayer though and with faith got out of the car. Guess what? No damage at all to the car! Woohoo! Also the next day I had to drive through the craziest rain storm of my life! There was at least a few inches of water on the road, it was really dangerous.. But I guess that is North Carolina for you! We ran into a man by the name of Kent this week and he talked to us for an hour about how Jesus is black and all of this nonsense.. I tried to say something so that we could leave, but he was pretty persistent that we hear him out. He was also in a few gangs back in the day so I was a little hesitant to be too pushy.. But yeah! Crazy town! Elder Rogers took me to this place called Bojangles and he bought me a Boberry biscuit. It was amazing!! I am addicted now. It's incredible. Seriously. I have a quick tracting story! So Elder Rogers and I went tracting in this neighborhood full of Presbyterians and this one man answered his door and almost immediately said "I'm very strong in the Presbyterian church and I doubt there is anything you could do to change that." and without skipping a beat I promptly replied "Challenge accepted." Well, he didn't seem to like that very much and slammed the door in our faces.. Haha Elder Rogers thought it was pretty funny though! With Thanksgiving coming up, I bought a little solar powered turkey last week and we decided to name him Freddy. He's the best. He dances all the days long on our dashboard. Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat a ton of food and get super fat for me!! I love you all and continue to pray for you!! Have a great week everyone. And really be grateful for your families this Thanksgiving, I know I am for mine.

Lovingly bold in his tracting efforts,

Elder Shearer

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