Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15 - Clinton, North Caroliina

Weekly update! Alright, my district is going to a cotton gin today so I don't have a ton of time so I'm gonna try to cram everything into this letter as fast as possible! Sorry if there are typos or you can't understand it! Haha alright, nanner puddin'. The greatest stuff ever! So many people make it here in the south and it is amazing. (It's pretty much an amazing version of banana pudding) Sadly this past week we had to discontinue one of our investigators because he just wasn't keeping commitments and it was suuuper hard! But, one of our other investigators by the name of CJ is progressing wonderfully and I cannot wait for him to get baptized!! We saw a Model T driving around the other day but I was too slow to get my camera out so I don't have a picture.. But crazy! We were riding with one of our members a few days ago and he drove over a possum! It was the worst feeling ever!! Ugh!! He was really funny about it and tried to convince himself that it wasn't dead. But yeah, it's totally dead. Cook Out!! Is from the heavens. It is this fast food place that has amazing shakes and hamburgers and hush puppies and everything is soo good! Thanksgiving went well! We actually did have a member invite us over for lunch and it was delicious!! We got so full! Our mission president wanted us to tract and store contact from 6-9 so we did! It was super amazing!! Elder Rogers and I made these little Thanksgiving pass along cards to give out and I think they were a success! Last Friday, we had 6 lessons and it was a super busy day! In one of the lessons, the woman opened her door and three HUGE dogs came jumping onto us! They were seriously at least up to my waist in height. Terrifying. On Saturday we worked out super hard in the morning, had our basketball / volleyball thing with our investigators in the afternoon, and raked leaves for our landlord all night. I am SORE! It's alright I suppose because it only means I'm going to be super buff afterwards.. ;) I am sick again!! I think it might be Strep. It's going around.. But alas, I am working crazy hard anyways and trying to forget myself and not let it hinder me in the slightest. Quick story! Last Tuesday(?) we had a lesson with an investigator by the name of Manuel and we were playing catch afterwards and I threw the baseball and my ring came off with it! There were leaves everywhere and I thought I lost it! But! I told Manuel to pray for it and that if he did, we would find it. After about 15 more minutes of searching, they were about to give up when I found it! It was under a huge pile of leaves and I know that I would never have found it without the help of the Lord. And it was such a great experience for Manuel to see the power of prayer! Maybe I should "accidentally" lose it with other investigators too? ;) A super good week! I hope y'all have a great one too. Also, it is my glorious sister's birthday tomorrow so everyone tell her Happy Birthday for me! She is turning 20!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY, YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!! I love you all.

In the process of getting extremely buff,

Elder Shearer

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