Tuesday, January 19, 2016

01/19/16 - Clinton, North Carolina

Well first of all, this week I received the BEST package in the mail. EVER! It was a... llama tie clip from my sister! Oh boy does she know me. :) I had my first tie trade this week and got some very good looking ties. I am already learning the tricks of the trade! And while we are on the topic of ties, I skinnified two ties this week and I don't think they look half bad! So today we had the second transfer call-in and it went very well! It is amazing to see how everyone has progressed just in the past 3 months! I know I have seen a drastic change in myself. For the better!! So this week that I am about to start is when I "take-over" the area.. I am terrified. I will be in charge of pretty much everything we do! However, I know that the Lord will help me. :) We had a Multi-Stake Conference on Sunday and there were some really good talks given! Elder Rasband continues to become one of my favorites. We have been working with a man by the name of Colton and he was a media referral from the church. He said that ever since we first met with him, he has "just felt good about this church". We set a baptismal date for him for the 12th of March so let's hope that everything goes well in that regard! Last Saturday was CJ's baptism and holy moly. It was notable. Pretty much everyone there was sobbing the entire time and having to sing was probably one of the most difficult performances I have ever had! I was on the verge of tears the whole time but I was trying not to cry but it wasn't working! CJ said that the second I started singing, he couldn't hold back anymore. We wept. It was a very spiritual experience. One that I will never forget. I love to look at how happy he is nowadays. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change people. I love so many people here and I love The Lord! I should be getting transfer news this week so we'll see where I end up and who I end up with! Wish me luck! :) I love y'all.

Quickly building his arsenal of ties,
Elder Shearer

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