Monday, January 25, 2016

01/25/16 - Clinton, North Carolina

Mm, can you smell that?? The amazing scent of Clinton. Pig farms. But you know, crazy world. Lot of smells.​ This week was full! Do y'all remember the man that was a media referral and told us the night that we contacted him that he would read the Book of Mormon and that he knows we are sent from God? Well, when we were teaching him about the First Vision, he said, "He was 14 when that happened? I was 35 when that happened to me and it terrified me!" He has also told us that he is a "seer" and that he communicates with spirits and has visions and things on a regular basis. He told us that he has the priesthood too! Also, when we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation, he was almost teaching us about it! He already knew every single part of it in great detail.. It was almost unsettling.. Well, Elder Rogers got a feeling to email President James about him and ask what to do because we weren't able to read him at all or even discern where he's at. President replied last week and told us to cut all ties with him immediately and that we were not to contact him ever again. Very strange situation!! This past Wednesday we had District meeting and we did a district potluck afterwards! Elder Rogers and I brought the Ham and it was tasty. We also watched the Worldwide Mission Broadcast and it was incredible! There was some much needed instruction given about "teaching repentance and baptizing converts". I learned many a things about how the Spirit works and am excited to apply it in my teaching! Elder Rogers and I were supposed to go to the Temple this past Friday for all the departing missionaries and their companions, but sadly due to the poor weather, they cancelled! Bummer. It did actually snow a little. It was more like dusting, but it was probably snow. I did get to meet my Grandfather (my trainer's trainer) though! His name is Juan Camargo and he is amazing. Yesterday I translated for one of our Spanish investigators that came to church and I did a surprisingly decent job! Exciting stuff. Oh! So I'm staying in Clinton for at least another transfer and my new companion is Elder Foote! I don't know him, but that will change tomorrow. Hey! Guess who got the Priesthood last Wednesday night?? Yup, CJ!!!!! He actually was able to bless the Sacrament in church yesterday and it made me cry. I am so happy for him! Watching him progress in this Gospel has filled me with a joy that I cannot express. I feel a greater joy than ever before in my life. It is the love of God for His children and it is marvelous. I testify that God loves all of His children! He loves YOU!!! Stay beautiful.

Slowly becoming a native speaker,
Elder Shearer

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