Monday, January 4, 2016

01/04/16 - Clinton, North Carolina

Well, this week we found another 7 investigators! I can't believe it!! We now have 39 people in our teaching pool and it is so very busy!! We are trying our best to keep in daily contact with them all, but it is a task! Last Monday, we had the FHE for the branch again and we had a testimony meeting! It was very powerful. We tried to help the members understand how much their testimonies are worth and how much of an impact they can have on people! It was a great night. Hijole! There are sooo many roaches in our apartment! It's actually quite terrifying. The roaches here are HUGE! New Years was this past week and for New Years Eve, Elder Rogers and I drank some Martinellis and reminisced of the great memories of 2015. I even got my New Year's Eve kiss! ;) (Refer to picture of me kissing a Libro de Mormon) Last night we were at a family's house from the branch and we heard a loud snap! The mother jumped off the couch and yelled "Yay! We caught the mouse!" We all ran over to the dead mouse on the counter and found that its nose was missing. When she reset the trap, I saw something fly through the air and I felt something land in the back of my shirt. Ahh!! I totally had the nose of the dead mouse fly into my shirt!!! Ew, it was so gross.. Well, miracle story! This week, we were trying to contact a former investigator. We went and knocked on their house, but instead a man by the name of Jorge opened the door. As soon as he found out we were missionaries, he let us right in! He said that usually when someone knocks on their door, they turn the lights off and pretend like they're not home. But! For some reason he opened the door for us! He said that he knows God wanted it to happen! We taught him a solid Restoration lesson and he very willingly accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon! We're very excited to see how he progresses. There is nothing quite like that feeling when you know that you are where the Lord wants you to be, teaching His elect! I love this gospel. Anways, I hope you all have an amazing week and an even better year! Happy 2016 everyone! I love you so dearly.

Still trying to find the nose,
Elder Shearer

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