Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/27/15 - Mexico City, Mexico

Hello everybody!! This week has been a huge blessing. First of all, my amazing family has sent me countless packages and letters and I honestly could not be more grateful. I will attach some pictures so everyone can see how thoughtful they are. :) I love my family so very much. I love that we can all have families together for eternity. The song says families "can" be together forever, not families "will" be together forever. So keep your family close and love each of them. Progress together. Mourn together. Come closer to Christ. Together. I love this gospel so much and the CCM has strengthened my testimony more than I can even explain! Last Wednesday night we had TRC's which is when we get to meet with less actives, members, or real investigators. It is hands down my favorite part of this place! Anyways, last Wednesday, we taught a young man and I accidentally introduced myself as Joseph Smith!! Hahaha it was super awkward. And i loved it. Turns out he was a newly called missionary and actually arrived here at the MTC today! It was fun to talk to him. Our second lesson though was incredible. The spirit was soo strong. My companion, myself, and our investigator were all crying the entire time. We talked about the power of the Book of Mormon and we shared our testimonies with each other. I can't wait to only teach real people!! I love those experiences every time. We played Foosball this week and I guess I'm actually pretty good! Everyone in my District talks about having the "Spirit of Shearer" with them when they score a goal or something. Haha I never realized how much I like it! Foosball that is, not the spirit of shearer thing. Although, that is pretty cool too... ;) Guess what?? My companion and I were made Zone Leaders this past week! Woohoo!! It's been fun to help the new district out and strive to be good examples for them at all times. They all like to call me "Oh Great Leader" so that's exciting.. Pretty sure it's some reference to communist China, but hey! I guess I'll take it.. I got to say the sacrament prayer in spanish on Sunday and it was fantastically fantastic! I love the Spanish language so much. OH! We found the BIGGEST spider in our room this week! I was crazy huge. I got sick again yesterday.. I woke up with a 102 fever and I was throwing up all morning. I guess the sick life is just for me. We went to the doctor and he told me to stay at home all day and just rest, but my companions came into the room and told me that my teacher demanded my presence in class. So my companion gave me a blessing and I got up, got dressed, and went to class. Let me just say that the power of the priesthood is so real. I was able to make it to most of my classes yesterday and I feel infinitely better today. That blessing was beautiful. My companion said some things that I really needed to hear and blessed me so very much. Last Tuesday we had a devotional and I realized that Christ is always in our lives. Sometimes, like on the ship with the apostles, he might be sleeping. However, he is always there for us to awaken and rely on. In the story the apostles are almost rebuked for not having enough faith. However, I believe that they could not have had more faith as they went to the Savior first. We need to always go to the Savior first and awaken him. Let him help us calm the troubling storms of this life. This is my last week here at the CCM and it has been a great ride. However, I could not be more excited to get out into the field. Also music!! Yay!! Haha I just want to leave a challenge for all of you to read Alma 18:32. I love this scripture and know of it's truth. God knows all people perfectly. I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you soon from North Carolina!!

Always in a state of recovery from some illness,

Elder Shearer

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