Monday, December 7, 2015

12/07/15 - Clinton, North Carolina

Hola todos!

This week has been another good one! Last preparation day we went to a cotton gin out in Dunn and President and Sister James went with us! It was very fun and a neat opportunity to see how the cotton gets... ginned?.. Haha anyways, Elder Rogers and I bought some new dashboard ornaments for Christmas and it is amazing. From left to right their names are Larry, Mr. Charles, and wait for it... the snowman. We had First Transfer Training meeting this past week and it went very well. President James is soo wise! He counseled us on the important of the Book of Mormon! I then went on exchanges with Elder Carroll and we had a fun night. I wore some goofy socks this week and I specifically wore the goofy socks Maddy gave me on her birthday as a tribute to her. :) Sadly, I am still sick 9 days later, but am hopefully progressing. I guess it doesn't matter in the end anyways, because no sickness is stopping me from working!! The Spanish is coming along well and I am learning and learning as much as possible! I learned this week that I am the First Lady of the district! I guess Elder Rogers being district leader makes me that... Huh! Last night we watched the Christmas Devotional with an investigator in a members home and it was amazing! I hope all of you were able to watch it as well! This week I have really felt the mantle of missionary work. I feel such a weight on my shoulders and every time a lesson falls through, I am crushed. I'm trying to realize it's not my fault, but it's hard to feel like you're not responsible when sometime you're teaching won't progress.. I have been trying to study hope and faith this week and the differences between them and I have come up with something I'd like to share! I believe that hope is the light at the end of the tunnel and faith is what gets you there. Hope is the reason, faith is the journey. I love you all as always and wish the best for each and every one of you! You are beautiful people!

The First lady of Clinton,

Elder Shearer

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