Monday, February 1, 2016

02/01/16 - Clinton, North Carolina

Buckle up everyone! So. Elder Rogers left me last week and I have been in charge of the area ever since. Elder Rogers taught me so many great things and I am grateful for him! The take over has been going well. At first it was pretty stressful to be honest having to plan all day every day all by myself, but I have been able to fill up everyday so far! I know the Lord qualifies us to do what He requires of us. Elder Foote is amazing!! From the get-go he has spoken nothing but Spanish to me, and I love it! All we do is speak Spanish 24/7. It is really helping me progress! And his accent is incredible. He told me that mine is really good as well! We actually got a compliment from some Hispanic people that if we were in the other room, they wouldn't be able to tell if we were American of Hispanic! Elder Foote has been making me run in the mornings because this is his last transfer and he wants to be in shape when he gets home. It has been hard! I do not like running! But it's good for me. I must say that I have definitely been humbled this week with everything going on and changing. I have learned to really rely on the Lord possible more than ever. And He is always there. Always. I ate fried frog legs this week! They were delicious!! We also had baliadas (I think that's how you spell it...) and they were incredible. Such great food out here. Last night we had the opportunity to give a blessing in Spanish and what a great experience that was. Very powerful Spirit there. So right before Elder Rogers left we pretty much cleaned out our teaching pool because nobody was progressing.. So we don't have hardly anyone to teach now! But we are spending a lot of time tracting and working with members to find more of God's elect! Elder Foote is great. He is an incredible example to me and I know I'm going to learn many things from him. It was a great week. I hope all of y'all are doing superb and know that I pray for each of you daily! Love love love.

Eating more things than you could wave a stick at,
Elder Shearer

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