Monday, March 21, 2016

03/21/16 - Siler City, North Carolina

Welp, that was one of the most exhausting weeks of my mission. Haha in a good way! We took our car into the shop to get fixed last Monday so we were on bikes all the week long. Also, this area is so big that it takes over an hour and a half to drive from one side to the other. Craziness! But the biking went really well. As a Spanish missionary you start to take advantage of having a full time car, so it was good for me to get some exercise! I got some mail from Mexico this week!! It was mail that I should have gotten in the CCM but for some reason it took 6 months to get to me. But it was pretty exciting to open! District Meeting this week was phenomenal. Elder Niko (our District Leader and also my new companion) asked me to instruct with him so we gave a pretty top notch instruction on How to Begin Teaching from Preach my Gospel! We had candy prizes and everything. We got a call this week from a recent convert by the name of Genie and she asked us to come over and help her with her foot. We ended up sitting there for 2 hours picking some metal from out of the bottom of it. I felt so bad for her! We got a new phone this week!! It is newer than our old phone but the same phone I had in Clinton. We spent a good few hours transferring contacts over and having to fix all of the errors that it made during the transition. But alas, we have a new phone. I cut Elder Niko's hair and it looks super professional. We also went to some hispanic tiendas to place some cards, but did not have any luck.. We did buy some spanish candy though! Church yesterday was delightful. I translated for the entire 3 hour block! It was pretty tiring, but at the same time, very enjoyable!! And on top of that, we had 2 investigators come!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I also met this week a MASSIVE dog by the name of Kuma. She weighs over 230 pounds and is the biggest dog I have ever seen. She belongs to one of the members. Elder Niko and I are enjoying the area and are very unified as a companionship both in our teaching, and in our friendship. All is well here in Siler City!! Thanks for reading, have a splendidly fantastical week!! Love you. Yes, you.

Dreaming in Spanish,
Elder Shearer

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